Bali Ritual Attracts French Community

Bali Ritual Attracts French Community

Procession depicting ritual of Balinese heading to the temple by bringing offerings and pray at the temple was brought to stage by members of Sekar Jagat Indonesia (SJI), has attracted the French community.

SJI special performance featuring Balinese procession is a cultural promotion which was held at the Salle du Pré Romain, Orgerus, France began with Pendet, said Chargé de Communication Sekar Jagat Indonesia, Sophia Hutagalung to London Reuters, on Tuesday.

She said that Sekar Jagat Indonesia is a volunteer association of Indonesian society who live in Paris and its surroundings, chaired by Putu Anggawati.

Arts and culture events in the framework of cooperation between French association that is Grain de Sel and Sekar Jagat Indonesia to promote Indonesian culture in France is a non-profit activity with the theme of arts and culture to the sustainability of friendship between France and Indonesian people.

Pendet dance is an opening presented by Bambang Suharjoto who explained the meaning of a welcome dance.

Performance of traditional Indonesian dances presented by SJI members including Cendrawasih Dance, Golek Manis Dance, Bajidor KahotDance.

The performance was continued with other dances such as Legong Dance, Janger Dance, Piring Dance, Yapong Dance, Baris Dance and ends with Ramayana Kecak.

Chairman of SJI Association, Mrs. Putu Anggawati, said that she is very grateful with the cooperation between the associations in the form of this cultural performance.

“We (SJI) are proud to show Indonesian cultural heritage to the local community and their appreciation is very high toward Indonesian culture, which we present in the form of dances,” said Putu Anggawati.

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