Bali Safari and Marine Park Premieres New Big Cat Show

Bali Safari and Marine Park Premieres New Big Cat Show


As part of a continuing commitment to educate, propagate and conserve endangered members of the animal kingdom, Bali Safari and Marine Park has dedicated months of careful preparation in bringing it latest animal show  – “Harimau – From Predator to Prey” to the public.

Presented daily in front of the Ranthambore Fort – the Park’s rare White Tiger Exhibit, “Harimau – From Predator to Prey” presents the compelling story of the world’s vanishing tiger population. Opening with a grand pageant relating the role of the tiger in Balinese history and mythology, the show reveals the native skills of these big cats at play, hunting, climbing and swimming.

While the Safari Park’s show will emphasize the wide range of instinctual and natural abilities of these “kings of the jungle” without resorting to contrived circus behavior, visitors will also witness the positive bond that develops between these cats and the people who care for captive populations of tigers. Trust, affection and the Park’s continuing desire to enrich the daily experience of all its animals have created playful interactions between keepers and tigers that allow hand feeding, bottle feeding and ready obedience to keepers’ commands.

Admired and feared, tigers have been ruthlessly destroyed in by man order that their golden pelts could be displayed as trophies and their body part harvested as sham elixirs and medicines. The last Bali tiger was shot in 1937, forever eliminating another subspecies of an animal that has seen its numbers diminish by 93% over the past century.

William Santoso, general manager of the Bali Safari and Marine Park, commenting on the latest addition to the Park’s range of shows and attractions, said: “We hope that visitors attending the ‘Harimau – From Predator to Prey’ will be both entertained and emotionally moved by the very real threat of extinction faced by the word’s tiger population.  The message is clear: if all elements of society do not unite to protect tigers and their shrinking habitat the spectacular big cat show now available on a daily basis at the Park could become over time quite literally a vanishing act.”

“Harimau – From Predator to Prey” is presented daily at 11:30 am at the Bali Safari and Marine Park without additional charge to Park visitors.

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  1. Helen Callaghan says:

    What a shame that this zoo uses Tigers and other animals for entertainment. Thats not conservation .. its exploitation. Its seems in the article they are saying , unite to save the tiger so they can have tigers for their circus act shows in the future. That’s apalling … do you honestly think you can fool people about your true purpose which is to use animals to make money? The best day will be when you stop using animals for your gain. How sad that nothing you do helps save your shrinking species of Indonesia. Shameful.

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