Buleleng “Mekorot” Festival Preserving North Bali Culture

Buleleng “Mekorot” Festival Preserving North Bali Culture


Department of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Buleleng, Bali assessed that “Mekorot” Festival 2015 in Lovina, Bali preserves the distinctive culture of North Bali.

“Culture of snitching kites or` mekorot` is a genuine culture of Buleleng that must be preserved by all parties, “said Kadisbudpar Buleleng, Singaraja Gede Suyasa on Tuesday.

He explained that his party very appreciated the 2nd of FBM that was organized and coordinated by Indonesia Junior Chamber (JCI).

He added that the BMF is not only the arena of culture and heritage preservation , but rather the promotion and marketing of tourism sector in Buleleng.

“Indirectly, this kind of event can promote Buleleng, especially when many foreign tourists visiting Lovina,” he said.

Furthermore, that former head of Bappeda Buleleng mentioned several festivals being held can indirectly improve the quality of tourism in Buleleng.

“Increasing the quality of tourism become the government’s main weapons in a concerted effort to increase the quantity of tourists visit in ` Bumi Panji Sakti`, ” he said and added that  the festival can maintain the existence of tourism potential in the area.

Meanwhile, the Vice Regent of Buleleng, Nyoman Sutjidra said, the culture of “Mekorot” or fighting kite is a form and character of Buleleng society that is dynamic and full of struggle.

In addition, it is expected that the similar festival can be held regularly every year, which this year has entered the second year. “We expect it is continued in coming years as one of the regular festival in North Bali,” he said.

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