Denpasar City Goverment Develops Ecotourism

Denpasar City Goverment Develops Ecotourism


Denpasar City Government cooperated with the Environmental Research Center University of Udayana to make efforts to develop ecotourism and environmental damage control.

“Through this cooperation we expect environment in Denpasar will be more organized and better,” said Mayor of Denpasar, IB Rai Mantra Dharmawijaya in Denpasar on Tuesday.

He said the development of ecotourism in Subak Sembung, Peguyangan is an effort to improve the potential of natural resources, environment and natural and cultural uniqueness which will be able to become one of the leading sectors is not yet developed.

He said that ecotourism is nature tourism activities with regard elements of education, understanding and support for the conservation efforts of natural resources.

The Mayor said, the principle of conservation development is to protect, conserve and sustainably utilize natural resources and do not leave the economic and educational value.

“Support and participation of public is needed in planning, utilization and control of ecotourism with the values of social culture,” he said.

Rai Mantra expected that Subak Sembung will be sustainable in the future by conducting that action program and relevant agencies can work together to promote ecotourism in Subak Sembung, so Denpasar could have a new destination in the community empowerment strategy and interpreneurship which can be visited by Denpasar society.

Head of Denpasar Environmental Agency, Anak Agung Bagus Sudharsana said, there is program designed in the action by planting medicinal plants along the lines of “jogging track” in Subak Sembung, planting of 50 plants used for ceremony and rare plants in the area of Dalem Temple.

In addition, it also handed over two units of sewing machines as a means for local women in developing skills utilizing inorganic waste into helpful items, delivery of 10 units of the bike as a operational support of pekaseh in Subak Sembung.

Sudharsana added, related to the development of ecotourism also conducted seminars and training to the community on the results of the study of the development of eco-tourism and environmental services as well as installation of ecotourism nameplate at the entrance to the Subak Sembung.

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