Food of Bali Ritual

Food of Bali Ritual

Hindu community in Bali believes that food plays an important role in ritual and worship. Food offered to the gods called “Prasada” which in Sanskrit means “mercy,” or grace.
Preparing offer to the gods is part of meditation of strong reflection.

Food in Balinese ceremony is often described as a feast for Gods and often described literally as a celebration for the gods and spirits. In the discipline of meditation, they offer food to Gods before enjoying the food served. That means spiritually most Hindus in Bali regards the food has a value of karma that must be removed and not be involved while being eaten.

The Balinese have strong spiritual beliefs. Food is often used as offerings to the gods and frequently seen in temples and holy places in Bali. Serve is offer daily to the gods and spirits, particularly for Goddess of rice (Dewi Sri) whose temple stood in the middle of flooded rice fields to ask for blessings.

Below are presented some of the food that are frequently presented in traditional ceremonies and rituals of the Balinese.

Lawar is a traditional food that is famous throughout Bali. Lawar is the main dish used in religious ceremonies, family ritual or non-family ritual. If there is a ceremony or Balinese tradition, Lawar is the first option in the menu of cooking. Lawar is mixed vegetables with minced meat, vegetables, spices, and coconut which taste sharpened with natural flavors. There are different types of Lawar based on the ingredients, such as Red Lawar and White Lawar. The vegetables commonly used are young nut fruit and jackfruit. Pig Lawar made of pork while the Jackfruit Lawar made of jackfruit. There is also Padamare Lawar, made of various types of Lawar. Lawar usually served with rice and other dishes.

Babi Guling initially made only as offering on traditional Balinese rituals in ceremonies and religious ceremonies. Babi Guling cooked by taking the entire contents of the intestines and offal in it processed later with pasta and vegetables such as cassava leaves seasoning. Afterwards grilled over dry charcoal. Babi Guling was originally made as a ritual offering in traditional Balinese ceremonies and religious ceremonies. But this time, can be found in many restaurants and hotels in a specific area of Bali. The most famous is Babi Guling of Gianyar regency. However, Lawar recently made from other meats such as duck or chicken and can be found in many restaurants and hotels in a specific area of Bali.

Urutan is a sausage made from pig intestines, stuffed with pork and spices inside, and fry until browned. It is usually served with Bali rice wine and can be found in the rituals of Balinese cuisine.

Languan satay is made from sea fish, green coconut, spices and brown sugar. This dish is a traditional food from Klungkung, but can be found all over Bali. Sate Languan is served in rituals only one day right after baking (while it is still hot) and usually served with Lawar.

Lembat satay is made from meat mixed with grated coconut and spices. Usually use pork, chicken, ducks, and turtles. It is served in rituals and ceremonies. This satay is also available in many restaurants in Bali, together with Urutan, Babi Guling, and Lawar.

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