Foreign Language Service Unit at IHDN

Foreign Language Service Unit at IHDN

Hindu Dharma Public Institution (IHDN) Denpasar declared the existence of foreign language service unit in the college is an absolute necessity so that its graduates could compete in this globalization era.

“It’s important to make the graduates could win the competition that is more and more tight in the globalization era,” said professor of IHDN Denpasar I Nengah Duija.

Profesor Dr. Duija won in the IHDN Denpasar Rector Election for 2013-2017 period against two other candidates, Dr. I Gusti Ngurah Sudiana and Dr. I Ketut Sumadi.

He said that the building of foreign language unit is established to know the language proficiency for Master degree program, especially their English (Test of English as a Foreign Language/TOEFL), Japanese and Mandarin.

“Students and lecturers with good language proficiency will be able to improve their competitiveness in the regional, national and international level,” said Prof Duija.

He stated that the building establishment for foreign language center was accompanied with appropriate management based on national standard, regarding to revamp the inter-unit network system.

Besides, he added that the management of human resources (lecturers), finance, inventories and units other than academics heading to qualified college in addition to build harmonious structural relationship with various institutions vertically and horizontally.

IHDN now is managing four faculties with 107 permanent lecturers, outstanding faculty from some Universities in Bali and 60 administration staffs.

The number of students recorded is 2.680 people, Master degree students are 220 people, students of Magister Program this academic year is 111 people.

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