Foreigners Visiting Bali Increase 20.06 percent

Foreigners Visiting Bali Increase 20.06 percent


Department of Tourism of Bali Province recorded foreign tourists coming to Bali in January 2014 is 279,671 people or increase 20.06 percent, if compared to the same period in 2013, which is only 232,935 people.

“Almost 95 percent of foreign tourists coming to Bali until now still say that they come to the island mainly for holiday,” said the observer of Bali Tourism, Dewa Nyoman Putra, in Denpasar, on Monday.

While the other five percent stated that they have business in crafts, social activities, students and so on. Therefore, Bali is still suitable to develop tourism based on Balinese culture that is embraced by Hindu.

Dewa Nyoman Putra added that the international community coming to Bali until now mostly only having vacation while enjoying natural scenery, arts and culture, which is one and only in the world.

More international community traveling to the island certainly due to the promotion done is quite significant, in addition to safety issue and comfort while staying in Bali is also guaranteed.

The service issues provided by tourism components especially when firstly step at Ngurah Rai Airport get a warm welcome from the hotel or travel agent staffs so they feel comfortable when arrive in Bali.

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