Government of Denpasar Encourages Tourism Employees to Do Competency Test

Government of Denpasar Encourages Tourism Employees to Do Competency Test


The government of Denpasar encouraged tourism employees to do competency test as preparation to face global market in 2015.

“We ask any parties engaging in tourism world to do certification soon,” said the Head of Tourism Department of Denpasar I Putu Budiasa.

Department of Tourism itself hasn’t do ant action related to certification of tourism employees. “But we have done certification and training for salon staffs,” he said.

The government plan to make partnership with tourism companies and certification agency. “If possible we will provide subsidy so that it could be done easily,” said Budiasa.

In Denpasar there are 8,000 rooms spread in 224 hotels. “For stars hotels are 29 units and non-star hotels are 195 units,” he said.

Budiasa regarded that entering global market in the following year is a challenge for countries in South East Asia region, moreover for tourism sector. However, he expected that the prominent items of Bali island in culture could become higher selling value compared to other places. “I think characteristics of Bali could not be found in other places in the world,” he said.

In relation to the characteristics, government of Denpasar have encouraged to start wearing endek (Balinese traditional woven) not only in offices and public services but also in hotels.

“Especially for the front office since it is the first interaction spot with tourists,” said Budiasa.

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