Greenpeace Campaign Ship to Bali Sustainable Development

Greenpeace Campaign Ship to Bali Sustainable Development

Greenpeace ship of Rainbow Warrior types will stop to Bali on May 31, 2013 to campaign the sustainable development.

“This ship is designed specifically to campaign the environmental issues and will be docked at the Port of Benoa, Bali,” said Marine Campaigner, Greenpeace Indonesia Arifsyah M Nasution, on the sidelines of a discussion in Denpasar.

According to him, the Greenpeace ship visit to Bali is part of the agenda of the global environmental organizations around the several regions in Indonesia to campaign the environmental issues and documenting biodiversity.

“This boat trip in Indonesia has been started since May 9, 2013 by visiting Jayapura, Manokwari, and now is going to Raja Ampat to document the diversity of the underwater world there,” he said.

When in Bali, then, the general public are allowed to rise to the top of the ship and met with the crew. “There’s also a photo exhibition and performances of traditional Balinese arts,” he said.

In short, he explained, a visit to Bali want to convey the message that the island is a barometer of Indonesia that must be managed sustainably.

“If they want to develop tourism on a massive scale, remains to be seen because all have limitations. Do not chase growth but did not pay attention to the balance of the environment,” he said.

Arifsyah mention many biological and genetic diversity in This Paradise Island must be maintained and do not lose it because of the urgency caused by the massive tourism development.

“Hence, the Balinese culture should still be preserved because of its uniqueness and advantages of this island,” he said.

Around Benoa Harbour area where the ship berthing capacity of 30 people it would also open the exhibition arena. “After Bali, the ship continues journey towards Jakarta,” said Arifsyah.

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