Industry Minister Expects BDI Bali to be the Center of Creative industry

Industry Minister Expects BDI Bali to be the Center of Creative industry

Indonesian Minister of Industry MS Hidayat officially opened Industry Training Agency (BDI) as the Creative Industry Center in Bali, which is expected, could be the place to create products that can dominate the global creative products market.

“I hope it’s not only the center of creative industry in Bali but also in national level, then global and create products that are able to compete in international market,” said MS Hidayat in his speech at Bali Creative Industry Center Building, Denpasar.

According to MS Hidayat, Bali is a potential area that can establish creative people and supported by local custom which has been loved by foreign tourists. Therefore, besides tourism sector, creative industry is a potential sector, which can contribute to economic growth including providing employment opportunities in Bali.

In his speech, the Minister added that the creative industry as a whole has been contributed 6.9 percent or Rp573 trillion for Product Domestic Bruto (PDB) in 2012.

“Besides, creative sector is in the fourth place from ten economy sectors in absorbing employees with 11,799,568 employees from the latest data in 2012,” he said.

The success key to develop creative industry, Hidayat said, depends on the commitment of related stakeholders such as business association, research and development institutions, government, investor and bank.

Bank, he said, must play a role to deal with problems that still haunt the creative industry practitioners, which is cost access.

“It’s true that this cost problem not solved yet, I have coordinated with the financial sector to deal with it,” he said.

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