Kartika Soekarno Visits the Posyandu Revitalization Program Site with Jeremy Irons

Kartika Soekarno Visits the Posyandu Revitalization Program Site with Jeremy Irons

Entering its eighth year of  cooperation between the Government of Gianyar and Kartika Soekarno Foundation (KSF) on the Posyandu Revitalization Program.  This foundation was initiated by the youngest daugher of Indonesia’s first President and Founding Father Soekarno, namely Kartika Soekarno Putri.

As President of the foundation, Kartika Soekarno conducted a site visit to monitor the implementation of Posyandu Revitalization Program which started in 2008. The site visit was conducted at Posyandu Jepun, Kengetan Banjar,  Singakerta Village, Sukowati District.

Established more than 5 years ago, this particular Posyandu has made progress integrating the Early Childhood Education and Development activities and a more comprehensive Primary Basic Health Care Services.  Similar activity has also been initiated by KSF in three other districts, namely Ubud, Payangan and Tegalalang.

The site visit this time is a bit different as KSF brought on board well-known British actor, Jeremy Irons. The actor of “ Die Hard” was inspired to hold an early education about behaviour on waste management through Posyandus  which were revitalized by KSF.  He is very concern about the lack of public awareness and behavior in disposing garbages, mostly plastic, in Indonesia and particularly in Bali. As a result, in addition the environmental problems, flooding, the most frightening is the waste generated by society  and is slowly turning into dioxin toxic and entering into our bodies.

In Gianyar, Jeremy Irons distributed comic books created by Eco Bali with title “Bali” to the Posyandu’s children.  The comic book tells the story on condition of garbage in Bali and give solutions to change the community’s behaviour on disposal of garbage.

In his speech, the Regent of Gianyar, A. A. Gde Bharata, welcomes KSF initiatives among others, the waste management campaign.  He is also ready to give the full support for the next KSF initiative, replication of Posyandu Revitalization Program in 3 different districts. Those three districts are Gianyar, Blahbatu, and Tampaksiring.  Beside KSF and Gianyar Government, the replication activity is also supported by Japanese government  through a grant of more than one billion Rupiah to implement  different activities.  The replication is planned to be completed by  October 2014.

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