Lake Batur’s Festival Showed Various Potentials

Lake Batur’s Festival Showed Various Potentials


The 3rdFestivalorganizer of Lake BaturKintamani, which to be heldfrom the20th until the 22nd of September2013, has beenpreparing forthatannual event.

Bagus Surya, one of thefestival organizers, said in Denpasar on Saturday that the event aims to promote tourist destinations of Bali, especially the Kintamani region.

He said that preparations are already started and that the annual eventwill be capable of displaying art, culture and communityf or visitors, both local residents and tourists who are holidaying on the island.

Tourism promotions that have been done highlight the attractions in the southern part of Bali, yet many of the attractions on the Island of the Gods have not been promoted.

Suryasaid that the Kintamani region has Mount Batur, an active volcano situated in the middle of two calderas, which is a very interesting and unique place to visit. In addition to the calderas of the spacious Mount Batur, the Kintamani area alsohas so many exotic attractions like Penelokan, Trunyan, Toya Bungkah hot spring pool, theGeopark Museum, and so on.

Besides its captivating natural beauty, he said, Kintamani’s topography is also very conducive to various sports for tourists, like climbing Mount Batur, camping, fun biking, down hill biking, and other sports activities.

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