Nine Countries Join “International Majapahit Festival”

Nine Countries Join “International Majapahit Festival”

Nine countries will join “International Majapahit Festival” held by Department of Culture and Tourism East Java Province at Candrawilwatikta Pandaan Amphitheatre, Pasuruan, on 11-13 September 2013.

“The aim of the festival is to revive Majapahit’s victory as a big kingdom in Indonesia, in which its territory is up to other countries,” said the Head of East Java Culture and Tourism Department Jarianto in Surabaya, on Tuesday.

Overall, he said, the international event will be attended by 600 participants from nine countries, namely Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma, and Singapore.

“Although this festival has a theme of Majapahit Victory, several participants from nine countries will also present Ramayana with their own version,” he said.

He predicted that the number of audience on the event aims at promoting East Java is between 5,000 to 6,000 people for one performance.

“We collaborate with some travel agents to publicize this event to countries in Asia-Pasific. However, temporarily only nine countries have registered,” he said.

He also stated that “International MAjapahit Festival” could bring positive impact to the economy regionally.

“We will maximize this event to promote all potential owned by East Java,” he said.

Meanwhile, representative of Cambodia, Sam Ang Sam, explained that he will present twenty five dancers telling the story of Ramayana on the International Majapahit Festival in Pandaan.

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