Ordinarily Not

Ordinarily Not

Parliament or Bust for Miss Great Britain

LONDON ~ Miss Great Britain vowed to “put the beauty back into politics” this week as she launched a bid to get elected to parliament that could get Prime Minister Gordon Brown sweating.

Gemma Garrett, 26, is standing for the newly formed Beauties for Britain party. And the busty Belfast blonde could get Brown all hot under the collar with her antidote agenda to “serious and boring” politics.

Garrett is standing at the May 22 by-election in the Crewe and Nantwich constituency in north-west England. The seat was held by Gwyneth Dunwoody, a stalwart in Brown’s governing Labour Party, who died last month.

Chair-Sniffing Aussie Politician Keeps Seat

SYDNEY ~ An Australian politician who admitted to sniffing the chair of a female colleague has survived a challenge to his state leadership of the conservative party, an official said on Monday.

Troy Buswell was endorsed as the head of the West Australian Liberal Party after a motion to depose him at a party meeting failed, spokesman Ray Halligan said.

“It was put to a ballot and the motion was defeated,” Halligan told reporters in Perth. The challenge arose after Buswell broke down at a news conference last week and admitted he had sniffed the chair that a female colleague had been sitting on at his Parliament House office in December 2005.

Don’t Get Drunk on Father’s Day, Minister Urges

BERLIN ~ On Father’s Day in Germany, which always falls on Ascension Day, men traditionally head out into the fields with a hand cart full of beer and schnapps – and get drunk.

But now Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen has had enough.

“I think it is awful. Men who want to be far away from their children are the final straw,” the mother of seven told Bunte magazine’s online edition on Wednesday, a day before Father’s Day.

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