Pantai Lebih is Now More Culinary Equipped

Pantai Lebih is Now More Culinary Equipped

Pantai Lebih beach at the area of Gianyar (Bali) is a culinary experience where fishermen serves fresh fish.

“Back in the old days we used to sell and serve fish where we can. Now everything is set up nicely, “ said I. Wayan Panya, fish shop owner at the beach.

Culinary attractions were conducted by the people of the villages. The construction took two months.

“For two months we were not selling any fish, because of the constructions.Now it looks very neat,” said Panya.

The traders on the beach at Jalan By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra did not object to the cost of renting the stalls.

“Before, we were obliged to pay costs every year. Now we have a 10-year payment arrangement,” said I. Made Yudiantara, beachshop owner.

According to him, the cost of rent is Rp. 20 million for 10 years. That is a very cheap price. Moreover, it can be repaid. That is why every shop owner is very happy,” he said.

“We are blessed that the stalls were developed at the Pantai Lebih beach. The stalls are neatly laid out like this, so we can easily serve tourists or other people the fishes we catch,” said I Made Kacaran a fisherman at Pantai Lebih.

The only complaint is that fishing is a bit difficult, because other fishermen who are using fish bombs or other cruel methods.

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