Residents Encouraged to Take Turn in the Gianyar Kecak Dance

Residents Encouraged to Take Turn in the Gianyar Kecak Dance

Gianyar regent, Anak Agung Gde Agung Bharata, is making it a point to encourage the indigenous villagers to revive Bona Kecak dance, which had  previously experienced a golden age in the era of the 1980s.

“In the past, the village Pakraman (custom) Bona was made famous by the Kecak dance performance. Now  the tradition is to be revived,” he said in Gianyar.

He considered the traditional arts in addition to providing entertainment to the community as part of an effort to preserve the culture handed down by our ancestors.

“Residents Bona obliged to return in accordance with the pakemnya Kecak dance and they are participating like never before. “ said Agung Bharata on the sidelines  while watching the Kecak dance practiced by the Bona village society.

The Kecak dance which used to be the Village People Bona icon will be displayed on the Week Bali Arts (CLA) 35th at the Cultural Park, Denpasar, in June 2013.

Sekaa chairman Cak Bona I Gusti Nyoman Yasa explains that he leading Kecak dance studio has already been standing in the village of Bona Peoples since 1925.

In the 1980’s, the kecak dance began to uncover its former popularity. A number of tourists, especially from foreign countries, would often come to the village to watch the dance Bona and hear its interspersed yells of “Cak …, Cak …, Cak …!”

But after the major road, Jalan By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra connecting Denpasar with Amlapura, Karangasem regency was built, the Village People Bona is no longer the main destination of foreign tourists.

“Since the by-pass was opened, it’s rarely a group of foreign tourists come to the village of Bona,” said Nyoman Yasa on the sidelines of the lead trial Kecak dance at Pura Wantilan Puseh, Desa Adat Bona.

He prepared 120 men from the village to bring a Kecak dance at the CLA-35. Others at Desa Adat Bona have also sent 20 men to join the Sekaa Cak Bona.

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