Rosie’s Chicken Seeks Business Partner

Rosie’s Chicken Seeks Business Partner

Rosie’s Chicken (Australia) seeks Business partner in Bali for exciting fast food business venture.

Rosie’s Australia has had many approaches over the last few years from potential clients in SE Asia. Rosie’s is marketed in Australia as a unique Add-On business in established takeaway food businesses. Rosie’s is not a franchise but uses the same marketing techniques but is fast and cheap to install in any independent fast food businesses. Rosie’s is growing rapidly through-out Australia but is a business model that has been designed for the Australian market-place. David Coles, MD of Rosie’s does not believe that this model suits the Asian market-place.

“In my experience, the growing middle classes in Southern Asia are looking for established stand-alone brands and many western food franchises work well here because they meet those perceived needs. Rosie’s is a superior product to KFC in every respect, according to the feedback we get from our Australia clients. Indeed, we compete directly and successfully against KFC.

The problem is that not enough people are aware of this”

“I believe that the best approach in stepping out of the Australian market and into Indonesia (the logical starting place), is to develop a low-budget alternative to the million dollar US style franchises, built around a superior product and western-style marketing…we can do this!!

No problem”.

Rosie’s is looking for a switched-on business savvy local partner to invest in and manage the pilot project. They claim to have a very specific model in mind with some profitable additions not available in the current Australian Add-On model.

Contact the CEO, David Coles directly though their website

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