Saraswati, Day of Knowledge Descent

Saraswati, Day of Knowledge Descent

Saraswati Day is also called day of knowledge, in which on this day Sang Hyang Widhi has created knowledge for humankind to be harmonious with nature. Sarawati Day is celebrated by Hindu people in Indonesia every six months (210 days).

Based on Java-Bali calendar system, Saraswati day occurs every Saturday.

The word Saraswati is derived from Sanskrit language.

Sr means flow, so if it is decomposed it means water flowing abundantly toward lake or pond, while Saraswati in Veda means praised and worshipped or mantra.

Saraswati is also often related with worship to Visvedevah God.

Saraswati is illustrated as a beautiful Goddess wearing white dress, has four arms holding instruments, a chain, scripture, lotus and sits on a swan, all symbols have its own meaning.

Saraswati is also called Sang Hyang Aji Saraswati Birthday, occurred on Saniscara Umanis Watugunung (Saturday of Watugunung).

On that day all Hindu in Bali especially educators, teachers, traditional leaders and students work together in cleaning heritage, holy book, books and stationeries.

Books and scriptures containing knowledge, religious value, morals and many other, are gathered in one place in the temple, family shrines or in a sacred room to be blessed.

There are offerings used consisting of peras daksina, banten and sesayut Saraswati, white and yellow rice as well as canang, fragrant smokes, purifying elements, flowers, sesangku (water container or glass), holy water and bija kuning (blessed yellow rice).

In the ceremony, all elements are given mantra, after the worship to Saraswati Goddess is finish usually we do meditation in the sacred place or read holy books all-night to get enlightening from Ida Hyang Saraswati (The Knowledge Goddess). The following day, all blessed elements are washed and while chanting prayer to Sang Hyang Widhi so that it could be used and be beneficial for people in general and particularly for knowledge.

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