“SeaWalker” in Serangan Become a Favorite Spot

“SeaWalker” in Serangan Become a Favorite Spot


Foreign tourists love the sport vehicle walking under the sea in a tour package of  “underwater seawalker”, at Melasti Beach, Serangan Island, Denpasar, Bali, because it has a unique coral reefs .

“In a day an average of 100 to 150 tourists try to ride it especially from China, Australia, Japan and domestic,” said Marketing Manager of Dive and Water Sport of Serangan, Wayan Darna, in Denpasar.

He said foreign tourists really liked it because they can enjoy the beauty of underwater world using a special helmet that makes them easier to breathe.

Darna said the device used was already given the security system covering the air tube form a protective helmet head directly connected with the oxygen tube that is placed in the boat so it is safe to use by travelers.

“It’s also a breakthrough for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty beneath the sea but does not have any experience to swim,” he said.

In addition, he said in Serangan Island there are ‘pontum’ like a sofa made of rubber that can be enjoyed by tourists while under the sea.

“This is also the main attraction of foreign tourists because it is only found in Serangan which is different from other water sports,” he said.

For the price offered by “Underwater Seawalker” is at 70 US dollars  equals to Rp 900.000 for half an hour. As for domestic tourists we set the price of Rp 700.000 per hour.

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