Something is coming to Bali..‘going local’–the next best thing in travel land

Something is coming to Bali..‘going local’–the next best thing in travel land


Each day delicious meals are created, and tourists simply walk past them on their way to a standard touristic restaurant. How amazing would it be if tourists take a left-turn and knock on your front door? Withlocals is a marketplace where the local population of Bali can offer tours, activities and even home dinner experiences to tourists for a good price.

The idea is to improve the tourism industry by connecting locals and tourists directly. The locals get a honest price for something they do daily because they can set their own prices. Think of taking tourists to the local market, teaching them how to cook the best Pisang Goreng or Bakso, or showing them the best viewpoints around the Sekumpall waterfalls.

By removing  the intermediary travel agencies, more jobs will be created for the Balinese population. If you are a local and if you have millions of stories and adventures to share with tourists, become a host at Withlocals and introduce tourists to your favorite activities and places in Bali.

“We want to enable people to get a better life by using their own strengths and skills. How amazing would it be to eat together with tourists your favorite homemade Nasi Goreng and earn money at the same time? Our goal is to create 100.000 new home-restaurants worldwide.” – Willem Maas, co-founder of Withlocals

“The concept of Withlocals is simply revolutionary. For them, to improve the life expectancy of the local people in Bali, is to have succeeded” – Fadli Gunawan, ambassador of Withlocals

Want to become a host? Visit the website of and subscribe for the first launch in September. After the kick-off in Bali for a small group of tourists and locals, Withlocals will expand to other locations in Asia.

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  1. Mark says:

    Bali is still the best destination for me.
    Thank you for info.

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