Tana Toraja is Proposed as a World Heritage

Tana Toraja is Proposed as a World Heritage

Ministry of Education and Culture “Kemendik-bud” has proposed Tana Toraja as nominee on the list of World Cultural Heritage for the year 2013.

“Tana Toraja is proposed as World Heritage, because it is one of Indonesia’s unique heritage and meets all essential criterias,” said General Director of Culture, Prof. Kachung Marijan while preparing the Development Management Plan to be nominated for UNESCO World Heritage in Denpasar.

According to him, the legacy of Tana Toraja is expected to be on the list of World Heritage in 2013.

In order to realize these expectations, a research team is put together to examine Tana Toraja so it can be pass as a legacy.

Director and Representative of UNESCO Office Jakarta, Hubert Gijzen, says a world heritage should also be able to add value to the local economy.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive of the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, Prof. Arief Rachman said, there are five important criteria that needs to be meet to nominate Tana Toraja for world heritage list.

The criteria that is proposed to be original heritage, has a philosophy which can be applied throughout the world.

“The proposed heritage must also have the value of benefits or welfare, then it would manage to fit it’s criteria,” he said.

He has assessed that the Tana Toraja has fullfilled the five criteria, so it deserves to be nominated next year.

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