Twins Lake As Buleleng’s Compelling Destination

Twins Lake As Buleleng’s Compelling Destination


Tourist Attractions of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan often called twin lakes becomes one of the compelling natural attractions in Buleleng regency, Bali, which attracts domestic and foreign tourists.
“I have twice enjoyed two lakes landscape since three years ago. Scenery is still the same, and beautiful,” said Naoka Kobayashi, a tourist from Osaka, Japan, in Wanagiri village, Singaraja, Friday.
According to Naoka, the natural scenery of the lakes located in Pancasari village, Sukasada sub district, Buleleng was not inferior to the lake in Japan.
She said that the two lakes are located in protected forests remain clean enough surrounded by dense forest.

Not only Naoka, hundreds of foreign tourists every day commuter to enjoy the natural scenery of the twin lakes.
Tourists can enjoy the natural scenery in some locations at an altitude of approximately one thousand feet above the sea level around Wanagiri , Munduk or Banjar  village.
From the altitude of Wanagiri village, tourists can enjoy a full view of two lakes located about 25 kilometers on the  north side of Singaraja.
On the side of the road, a number of Wanagiri villagers provide tables, benches, and tents for tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake.
The visitors can freely record all the beauty ofLakeBuyan and Tamblingan.

The villagers surely hoped that they can reap the economic benefits of the tourists visiting the place, for example by opening stalls, and business photos with animals including snakes, bats, and iguana with a background of the lake view.
“Usually there are tourists who want to take pictures with the animals, but the number is unpredictable,” said Komang Budi, vendor of animal photo service.
Tourists can take pictures with the animals at the rate of 30 thousand Rupiah, while domestic tourists worth 20 thousand Rupiah.

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  1. Great idea, but how long do they last in a hot humid environment?
    The site makes no claims on how long there product will last.
    I can sell vinyl decals at the same price. They will last for ten years outside.
    The site states, “…as it dries completely over the next several days…”
    So…you can’t drive for several days?