Warung Bumbu Mertua, Offers Delicious Javanese Cuisine to Tourists

Warung Bumbu Mertua, Offers Delicious Javanese Cuisine to Tourists


There are so many Indonesian restaurants in Bali, but there are not so many of those restaurants able to attract more tourist rather than local resident.

But this case does not happen to Warung Bumbu Mertua. Located at Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Nusa Dua, this restaurant displays many Javanese cultural goods. Puthut Gunawan, the owner of Warung Bumbu Mertua said, the concept of his restaurant is the ancient Java.

“This also to introduce the culture and nuance of Java. That’s why we display many Javanese things here such as Javanese wayang, joglo, limas, and others,” he said.

The name Warung Bumbu Mertua also in accordance to Javanese tradition, on which if someone has a good relationship with his/her parents in law (mertua), he/she will have a good life. While warung means stall and bumbu means flavor.

A good restaurant surely besides having a good place, of course should have a delicious cuisine.

Gunawan said that before he made the restaurant, previously he did a survey through some famous culinary spots in Java.

“I went to famous spots in Central Java and East Java. There are so many delicious foods that I have tasted during that journey and survey. Until finally I found one special flavor and decided to apply it in my restaurant,” he explained.

His hard work eventually comes to a very positive result. The recipe he uses in the restaurant especially for grilled/fired duck, become the favorite of many customers.

“Our special menu is the grilled or fried duck with that special flavor and sauce. It becomes the favorite of my customers, even for foreign tourists,” he said while added that another customer’s favorite foods in his restaurant is the gurame (carp).

Further Gunawan explained that almost all foods in the restaurant is Javanese culinary, and many of it loved by the customer’s both local and tourist.

The natural situation of the restaurant with garden and gazebo also become a plus value that attracts the attention of customers.

Gunawan even said that his restaurant is the only that offers this cultural and natural concept. That’s why Warung Bumbu Mertua able to attract tourists.

“Our market share is 40 percent foreign tourists. Mostly from Australia and United States,” he said.

Every weekend, he continued, Warung Bumbu Mertua presents live music especially Javanese Keroncong Music.

Besides, the restaurant that opened on 23rd Juni 2013, also invite customers to hold any events here such as meeting or wedding.

“With the great taste of the foods, the traditional and natural concept, and a comfortable place, Warung Bumbu Mertua offers a worth price to pay for visitors to spend their mealtimes,” he said.

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