WCF to Hold Conference in Bali

WCF to Hold Conference in Bali


The World Culture Forum (WCF) will organize an international conference in Bali from November 24 to 27 that will emphasize the significance of culture in sustainable development.

“The WCF will carry the mission of Indonesia as a center for global culture and a strategic zone for international tourism,” said Wiendu Nuryanti, deputy to the education and culture minister for cultural affairs, here on Friday.

She said the event would show the world that Indonesia is the only maritime country with cultural diversity in each of its regions.

The four-day meeting would bring together 1,200 people, 1,050 of them foreigners, she noted.

Nuryanti stated the world-class event fully supported by the UNESCO was being held in Indonesia for the first time.

She hoped at the end of the conference, the participants will adopt Bali Promise that contains a concept of culture as a reference for each country.

“One of the contents of the Bali Promise will be an agreement to create WCF, including how often the conference will be organized,” she said.

In his opening address during a debate in the UN General Assembly on June 12, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, as co-chair of the High-level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, had expressed strong commitment to exploring the relation between culture and development.

In this context, the WCF meet in Bali aspires to create a space to discuss, debate, and contest established ideas and approaches.

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