Painter Mario Blanco Preserves Bali Starling

Painter Mario Blanco Preserves Bali Starling


Mario Blanco, painter and photographer has succesfully preserved the endangered Bali starling (Leucopsar rothschildi) in the Antonia Blanco museum in Campuhan, Sayan village, Gianyar District, Bali.

“This bird looks very intriguing and in the early 2000s, Bali starlings are very rare in their habitat, the West Bali National Park. Such condition makes me keen to preserve this kind of bird,” Mario Blanco stated in Ubud on Thursday.

One time, Blanco said, a German managed to breed this bird, then sold the bird to his friend from Japan. Later, the Japanese brought back the bird to Indonesia and developed it until now.

Eight years ago, according to Blanco, he bought a couple of Bali starling worth Rp45 million.

Then, Blanco got two pairs of Bali starling by means of barter with his painting.

Now, the price of Bali starling has dropped to Rp12.5 million per pair following the successful breeding activity which produces this bird in large numbers.

The price reduction is intended that there will be no more theft of Bali starlings in their habitat.

The breeding has increased the number of Bali starlings currently to 250 birds, he pointed out.

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