Mel-icious and Lethal!

Mel-icious and Lethal!

Oh dear, has Mel Gibson got into a wee shot of bother this week! The pint-sized 51-year-old star (who was recently on probation for drink driving) was whooping it up at The Living Room in Seminyak last week without a “dry argument.” A bevy of revelers, including an array of girls not shy of wanting a piece of his block-busting Lethal Weapon, were seen giving Mel a mother-tongue taste (literally) of their local Indo talents. Enjoying a semi-private booth at the popular bar with two not-so-bouncy bouncers in tow, the megastar was clearly in intoxicated form, at one stage even doing a Tom Cruise-a-like jump on the lounge and shaking his mel-icious booty on the sofa and table top. Mel’s reps have denied the rumors, with his agent saying, “He was drinking those non-alcoholic tropical drinks they serve over there.” Puhleease – does he think we are all primates hanging from the trees or what? Hah! The very congenial star appeared by his very merry behavior to be intoxicated by the heat or tropical Bali vibe and was partying like a rock star and most certainly painting his wagon red! Sources tell me Mel was staying at Bali socialite and property developer Tina Shazelle’s villa in Seminyak, while on a buying spree with his interior designer to deck out Bali-style a new pad he’s purchased on 25,000 acres in Costa Rica. The new GM at the Canggu Club, JP Bernard, met the man and said, “He’s a really fun, fun, funny guy.” Claims the Braveheart star was here to speak at a local chapter congregation of Alcoholics Anonymous (ironically located at the end of Bali’s bar strip on Jl. Dyana Pura) were not surprisingly unfounded. Mel recently received a favorable response from a Malibu judge at a progress hearing, with his lawyer noting he had completed four and a half months of AA meetings and paid his fines. The judge said Gibson’s AA participation was now voluntary (clearly!) but that he must appear at the next court date in Malibu, on February 15, 2008. Perhaps he should drop in for a non-alcoholic cocktail here en route – my shout!

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  1. […] He was seen taking part in wild table-top dancing and heavy binge drinking sessions in some of Bali’s ‘finest’ establishments like ‘The Living Room’. As reported independently by The Bali Times and Bali Discovery Websites, he clearly had 2 balls of a great time; even doing a ‘Tom Cruise’ sofa jump around both local and overseas guests. Although not showing his Lethal Weapon to anyone in public – it is said that plenty of local girls gone crazy tried everything to get hold of the Mega Star and Director of Movies like ‘Apocalypto’, ‘The Passion of the Christ’, ‘The Bounty’, ‘Braveheart’ and other Box Office Blockbusters. […]

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