Private Islands

Private Islands

Ultimate Escapes  – Private Islands for the Rich and Famous
Bintan -The Government of Indonesia has entered into an agreement with PT. Hanno Bali opening the way for the development of 11 stunning white coral islands near Singapore.Dubbed the new “Caribbean of the East” the small islands surrounding the resort Island of Bintan, will be developed as private island getaways for the rich and famous.Strategically located, the Bintan-Islands are in Indonesian waters, and can be reached in less then 30 minutes by helicopter from Singapore.

Each island is unique, surrounded by coral reefs and white sand beaches covered with palms and other tropical vegetation. The Bintan-Islands range in size from 1 hectare to 60 hectares. Visitors can choose the complete privacy of a small islands or share larger islands with others. Guest from smaller islands can visit a central island, if they choose dining and interacting with other at the club house. Guest relations personnel will organize dinner and events between occupants of the various islands, upon request. Events and parties will be organized on a central island.

What makes the Bintan-Islands so special is that you have all the elements of the Maldives and the Caribbean, without the huge hassle of getting there. Arrive from anywhere in the world and it is only 30 minutes from Singapore Changi International Airport, which is what will make the “Caribbean of the East” the perfect escape.

According to Hanno Soth, Chairman of PT. Hanno Bali, the company started looking at private islands as the ultimate vacation concept, shortly after the Bali bomb, when safety became an overriding concern. We concluded that, not only were private tropical Islands everyone’s fantasy vacation, but the only way to really get away from it all. We looked everywhere for the perfect Islands. Our criteria were to find uninhabited, naturally beautiful Islands, that were easy to get to. We heard about the Bintan International resort area, which has long been a favorite play ground for Singaporeans situated 45 minutes by ferry from Singapore . Our company chartered a helicopter to survey the area and found paradise beyond the Bintan resort area. The most perfect tropical Islands. We were surprised but elated to find them uninhabited, largely because the surrounding coral reef, which made it difficult for boats to land without the construction of docks or access by helicopter.

Hanno Soth says, we know our company is on the right track investing in private island developments. People are looking for the ultimate escape to find sanctuary and to recharge, no matter the price. If I think of my childhood, the things that I remember with great fondness are books like Treasure Island, television shows like “Gilligan’s Island” and “Fantasy Island”. Walk into any computer store or office, and the screen saver of choice these days seems to be tropical Islands . Look at any travel magazine and is seems to be the Island escape that sells. The rich and famous have been buying private islands and renting them out, as in the case of Richard Branson’s Necker islands for a cool $151,000 / week.

Islands are not just a fantasy, they are big business.

Listed below are the islands:
Merapas, Beruan, Nikoi, Murbai, Suka, Mas, Rinti, Lina, Ranggas, Belading, Tapai I, Tapai II

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