Tech Tips

Tech Tips

KUTA, Bali ~ Personal computers, just like your motorbike or car, need maintenance to perform well. If it seem like your computer has gotten slower since you bought it, it probably has. One of the major reasons your PC slows down is due to disk fragmentation, which is similar to what happens when you don’t clean up a room in house – stuff (data) gets messed up and divided into uncategorized groups (fragmented) and it takes longer to find (becomes harder to access). Over time, this fragmentation slows down the computer.

Defragmenting your hard drive is the Windows version of your pumbantu (maid) – it cleans up the mess and puts scattered items back where they belong.

Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter.


Right click on your Hard Disk icon -> Properties -> Tools -> Defragment Now.

Depending on how long its been since you did any maintenance on your PC, or if you’ve recently been moving a lot of data, defragging may take hours. If you see a lot of red once you begin defragmentation, it will probably take a while. Disable your screen saver and other automatic programs beforehand to keep the defrag from restarting every few minutes, turn off your monitor and plan on letting it run overnight if it’s been a while.

By Joshua Bressor
The Bali Times

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