Bali Volcanos

Bali Volcanos

Nowadays, there are still some active volcanos in the world such as the famous Mount Fudji in Japan or Piton de la fournaise in La Réunion. It is always impressive to see them and to understand how it work.
A volcano range is still active in Bali. It is composed by the highest Mount in Bali: the Agung Mount (“Mother Mountain” – 3142m), the Batang Mount (2146m) and the Batur Mount (1712m). All the year round, trekking are organised around these volcanos. The Batur sunrise trekking is the easiest trekking in Bali. I don’t say it is easy but doable, and if you take your time it is not a big deal to get to the top. It takes only two hours to get there and seeing the beautiful sunrise over the lake and the Batang is majestic. Once at the top of the volcano, the temperature is pretty cold during the night. You can get warmer staying close by the volcano steam. The guide will cook you some eggs at the top thanks to this steam.
During the trekking, the guide will explain you the story of this volcano. The Batur is still active. The first eruption had happened in 1804 and the last one in 2000.
In 1917, a big eruption took place, causing thousands of fatalities, destructing more than 60 000 houses and 2000 temples. The village was wiped from the map. The lava stopped at the entrance of a temple, the inhabitants saw there a sign. They reconstructed the village but a second eruption happened, this time less deadly as the Dutch administration predicted it. The second time, the lava stopped again at the temple. From the top you can see the black lava, and in the middle, as saved a small holy island were the temple is located. From now, they decided to build the village a bit further in order to have less risks if another eruption would have to happen.
The volcanic nature of Bali, especially around the volcano contribute to the impressive fertility of Bali and the production of fruit and vegetable is better. The taste is simply amazing, remembering you the taste of yourgrandparent’s garden. Bali je t’aime help you to organise this tour and can also propose you a relaxing bath in the hot springs nearby the Batur volcano.

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