Last Minute Rentals

Last Minute Rentals

Many years ago, French people were used to organize their holiday in advance. At least 2 months before, everything was planned and organized. Accommodation booked and days off asked to the company. Nowadays, people are more and more taking last minute holiday.

There are important disparities between European people. While Germanic countries are leaving more on holiday, France and Latin countries are not. Only 58% of the French are going on holiday this year. The reputation of the French going on holidays every year is changing. Due to the crisis, people are careful with their money all the year round. They decide at the last minute if they allow themselves a budget to go on holidays. The majority of the people taking holidays stay in their home country. It is cheaper. The favorite destination is along the sea border. Taking the plane remains a privilege.

Due to the crisis, airline companies had to adjust their offer. Even if Europe remains the first destination for the European people more and more people consider last minute deal. Rather than planning two months in advance, people are booking either 6 months before or one week before leaving due to the cheaper prices. Airline companies propose to combine accommodation and flight to make even better deal for the customers.

The consequence is, for the villa rental agency, such as Bali je t’aime, that before in February, there were no more availabilities rather than now in June the most of the booking confirmation are made. So if you want to go to Bali at the last minute, do not worries, it is still possible to get a nice villa.

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