Muslim Holiday

Muslim Holiday

Bali is the only Indonesian island with a Hindu majority. Due to the increasing tourism, Bali Island got developed fast. Numerous foreigner invested in Indonesia 10 to 5 years ago opening a lot of business and building new villas.

A lot of small farmers stopped their farming activity (mostly rice production) in order to work in those flourishing business. The wages are more attractive for them and for the business men it remains a lot cheaper compare with other countries. Javanese people migrated from Java to Bali in order to get more money with these jobs. They left home and came in Bali to end up richer.

Java is a Muslim island. During the fasting period, the Javanese populations are going back to their island in order to celebrate the Ramadan with their family. It affected the tourism in Bali. The streets were empty and they were less Indonesian tourists. Nowadays the tendency is changing. During this month, a new market appears. Javanese people are coming to Bali to spend holidays in the numerous villas that offers the rentals companies such as Bali je t’aime

Thanks to that it creates an exchange between the people who are going back home and the one coming to Bali. This island is still busy but not overcrowded. In Kerobokan, we still can feel the Ramadan. A lot of local places are closed for a month or at least the last week of the fasting. The tourist places are not touch by this tendency. Oberoi, Seminyak, Petitenget and Kuta are still busy and the number of delicious places to enjoy a tasty meal is not limited.

Remain careful with your belongings, the crime rate increase the month before the Ramadan. Everybody wants to go back home for this special occasion, the robbery rate is then much higher especially in Kuta area

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