Seminyak or Canggu?

Seminyak or Canggu?

Are you already planning your next holidays in Bali and still hesitating between the famous Seminyak and the traditional Canggu? I hope I will help you to make your choice.

First of all, let locate them. Kuta is the central place of Bali tourist due to its numerous bars, night-club, shops, and restaurants offering different price range. It is truly the paradise of backpackers who are coming in Bali to make party.

North of Kuta is the Seminyak area, richer than Kuta offering more chic, luxury and trendier places. It is a trendy area where there are a lot of people with a little bit higher budget. This place it is pretty safe and quiet compared with Kuta.

Then you have Canggu which is a small village on the beach about 20 minutes north of Seminyak.

Canggu is wilder than Seminyak and Kuta and is used to refer to a large coastal stretch of about 8 km, running north from the village of Berawa (north of Seminyak) to the village of Cemagi (south of Tanah Lot) taking in Echo Beach, Pererenan Beach, Mengening Beach along the way. Canggu is the best deal if you are looking for the traditional Bali and some trendy restaurants and bars. You still have a large rural part offering wonderful rice fields view and it is now develop enough to stay there without needing to go to Seminyak or Kuta to have diner.

Most of the people coming the first time in Bali choose Kuta and Seminyak because of it’s touristic attraction, but once they come a second time they prefer to stay in Canggu to see a bit more Indonesia between traditions and landscape. The last few years Canggu has seen some very nice places being built such as the Canggu club, the equestrian center, the waterboom…

What you should see and do in Canggu: the Pererenan rice fields, have a sunset drink in Warung Agung Kayu Putih on the beach, take a coffee at Deus and have lunch at Om (seaside restaurant). Canggu is nice to spend between 4 and 10 days, and if you like surfing, echo beach is one of the famous surfer places.

The difference between Canggu and Seminyak/Kuta area is that you need your own transport if you want to move around. It is really nice to ride your bike between the rice fields once you go to the beach. There is less taxi in this area so you can rent a scooter, a car or even ring a taxi.

In Canggu the nightlife is pretty limited so if you go in Bali in order to party I definitely recommend staying in Seminyak/Kuta center. If you want to rent once of the nicest villa of the area, ask Bali je t’aime, it is a rental agency who is always happy to help you.

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