The Bukit Area

The Bukit Area

The Bukit Peninsula is connected to Kuta through Jimbaran by the busy Jalan Bypass Nusa Dua, this is the only route in. This area is composed by Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Nusa dua. Nusa dua have been built those last few years and attract a lot of tourist due to its villas, 5 star hotels and resorts, trendy shops and its nice landscape. It is the perfect place for a family and much safer than Kuta area.
Uluwatu, surfer paradise is located just after Jimbaran only 45 minutes by bike. It is one of the famous spot in the world for surfing. You have to go down stairs (which are not very nice) but it definitely worth it. To surf there you better be experienced enough because of the corals and reefs around. If you are too lazy to go down, go to Suluban beach, there are plenty of bars and restaurants from where you can watch the professionals in action.
In Uluwatu is the Pura Luhur Uluwatu which is one other famous place of the area. In this temple are some monkeys and you can attend to traditional dances show. Kecak Dance performances are held daily between 6PM and 7PM. It will cost you 100 000Rp.
Having visiting a lot of villas, the one from the Bukit are very beautiful.
I have seen on Bali je t’aime website new villas from there, they are awesome. In the south of the peninsula, pandawa beach is worth visiting, very wild and wonderful sea color. In Pendawa is a spectacular cliff with five giant statues of Pandawa Family from the epic of Mahabharata inside man-made cave. You definitely feel alone there, there are for sure some tourists but no massive tourism so you can really enjoy it.
If you are a surfer, you can definitely not miss Uluwatu and Suluban and if you are getting married it is one really nice place to do it and some villas are big enough to welcome you in for the day of your life.

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