The paradise Right Home

The paradise Right Home

What’s better than holiday to allow you some pleasure? It is the right time to spend memorable holidays. Horse riding on the beach, ride between the rice fields, trekking over the Mount Agung, diving…. And plenty of other activities available on the island. After all these efforts, the comfort! This is the perfect time to relax.

In Bali, there is a various choice of villas for rent. Some agencies, such as Bali Je T’aime, will help you to find the right one. When it happen you will definitely have the best time of your life. In Bali, luxury is accessible. Having a villa and not going out of it for a week often happen. You might ask yourself why? Such a beautiful island and you stay home, such a shame! No worries the explanation is simple. Once you rent a villa, the island comes to you.

First of all, a fresh tropical juice fruit is serve upon your arrival. The Balinese people working at the villa still respect traditions. A temple is on their disposal to make offerings and pray. Balinese are always smiling and helpful. Balinese massage is famous in Bali. From your villa, a masseur can come over and give you one nice Balinese massage. It is a mix of Chinese / Indonesian massage and Indian Ayurveda massage. The masseur combine dynamic actions and soft modelling with essential oils. It is an alternation of dynamics actions and soft and relaxing modelling phase. This combination is the clue to get a deep relaxation. In addition, thanks to the jasmine, sandalwood and ylang-ylang oil your skin is deeply nourish.

What a wonderful day spending nearby the pool in the middle of a lush garden, relaxing on sundecks and drinking some cocktails. That’s what I call paradise!

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