Villas Facilities

Villas Facilities

Bali Island is known for its quality of life. Its tropical weather, the beautiful landscapes (rice fields, volcanos, sea shore), the cheap prices attract a lot of people every year.

Investors from different nationality are building business and villas in Bali. This flourishing market attracts more and more business. Few years ago, they weren’t a big need of differentiation rather than nowadays with the high competition between all those businesses every single detail count to make the difference.

Most of the villas in Bali have its own staff. Depending on the villa standard, the cleaner have to work more or less. For the basics rental, the staff cleans the place every morning 6 days a week. For the luxury villas, the staff is bigger and available all along the day. Some villas count more than 7 employees in order to offer a perfect and complete service.

Depending on the owner, the services are included or not. A cleaner, a pool man, a gardener is often included in the price of the rental. In addition, depending on the villa you can have (included or not) a chef (food price at the charge of the guest), a driver, a masseur, baby-sitter … When you choose to stay in a luxury villa, most of these services are included.

It is really hard to find a private villa offering private swimming pool and staff for only 70 Euros per night. That’s why Bali is one of the first destinations when you find affordable luxury. Here you fell like a king.

Even renting a nice room in a residence with swimming pool can cost you only 200 euros a months including Wi-Fi.

Why all those 5 stars services? As I said the competition is stronger and you need to invest in the services offered to make the difference and please your guests. Investing in these services, guests will for sure either come back to the villa (loyalty) or recommend it to their surroundings. And when the villas doesn’t provide all the services desired, the rentals agencies like Bali je t’aime could provide it, with an extra charge put on your disposal driver, chef, massage, and babysitter.

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