NAME: Daniel Wijaya
AGE: 39
OCCUPATION: Home decorator

How do you think the country is doing now?
I don’t feel the government’s impact on the nation. Everything is just the same. The government is too passive and doesn’t have any vision for the future. The country survives because of the citizens, not because of the government.

Is the central government in Jakarta doing enough for the regions?
It’s not bad. But the government still need to focus on the character-building of citizens. For example, people here don’t really care about the bad effect of rubbish being dumped everywhere. They don’t know how to queue, or to park properly. The government should try to educate citizens to change certain attitudes.

If you were running the country, what would you fix or change immediately?
Education for society to change their attitude.

What do you think about Bali’s government?
They need to focus on the development of tourism. The government only acts whenever there is a problem. They think partially. Also, they love nature but they don’t seem to know how to deal with environmental issues.

Are you worried about the deadly outbreak of rabies in Bali?

Three months ago I was bitten by a dog. I was given a free vaccination. I’m not too worried.

Indonesia is made up of more than 17,500 islands, many religions, dozens of ethnic groups and hundreds of dialects. Therefore, is it reasonable to expect “Unity in Diversity,” as the founding fathers declared?

It’s true. I never feel there is discrimination here.

What are the qualities of an Indonesian?

Indonesians are too naïve and they think that other people have their same way of thinking.

What for you has been Indonesia’s greatest moment since it declared independence in 1945?

The fall of Suharto was the greatest transition era, but the greatest moment still has to come.


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