NAME: Ni Wayan Sumir
AGE: 46
OCCUPATION: Cultivator
ORIGIN: Nusa Dua

How do you think people overseas see Indonesia?
As a very exotic place with a unique culture and with very friendly people.
What are the barriers to development in this country?
Corruption is the main one. I’m always watching on TV how many of our politicians are involved in corruption. There are many criminals who are spending the money of our country.

Do you think corruption is getting worse?
I think it’s getting worse. There are more and more cases all the time.

What real steps can be taken to stamp out graft?
The only punishment I can think of that would seriously put an end to it is the death penalty for those who steal our money and stop this country from developing.

Some say Indonesia should help mediate in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, because of its large Muslim population, and President Yudhoyono has signalled an interest. What’s your view?
Please help our country first. Indonesian people should be the priority.

There’s a view that Bali, in many respects, is unlike anywhere else in Indonesia. Why do you think that is?
Because Bali is the most beautiful and unique place in the country.

One of Bali’s main problems right now is the deadly outbreak of rabies. Stray dogs continue to roam the streets, posing a serious health risk to people. Do you think not enough is being done to counter this crisis, given that almost 80 people have died?
They are not doing enough because there are still so many rabies cases happening.

How do you relate to Indonesians from other islands – Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua and many more. Is there a common bond between you all?
We are all Indonesians but the art and culture between different parts of the country are very different.
What’s your view of the legacy of centuries of Dutch rule?
Nothing good was left. The Dutch just made many Indonesian people poor and stupid.

Indonesia has had six presidents since independence in 1945. Which one stands out the most for you, and why?
Sukarno, because Indonesians were the most important thing.


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