Name: Ni Ketut Indrawati
Age: 18
Occupation: Design Student
Origin: Denpasar

How do you think people overseas see Indonesia?
Unique and full of culture.

What are the barriers to development in this country?
The way that people think. The government is trying to change it but the people are not listening. For example, some people fill 3kg gas canisters from 15kg canisters, and that’s why we’ve had all the gas explosions.

Do you think corruption is getting worse?
It’s not only getting worse; it has developed into a disease whose growth is unstoppable, even in the KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) itself.

What real steps can be taken to stamp out graft?
Punishment must be tougher. And we must choose a leader who is truthful.

Some say Indonesia should help mediate in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because of its large Muslim population and President Yudhoyono has signalled an interest. What’s your view?
It’s essential for humanity. But Indonesia itself is not yet stable, so we don’t need to be so focused on other problems. We were also attacked by Israel, a couple of months ago; we became a victim.

There’s a view that Bali, in many respects, is unlike anywhere else in Indonesia. Why do you think that is?
The culture, traditions, belief, an exploration of a belief in a different way yet still to the one God Almighty, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

One of Bali’s main problems right now is the deadly outbreak of rabies. Stray dogs continue to roam the streets, posing a serious health risk to people. Do you think not enough is being done to counter this crisis, given that almost 100 people have died?
Yes. My dog was almost killed due to it being very skinny. There should be more vaccination for dogs and socialisation should be much better, especially regarding culling, because it can cause hatred towards the government.

How do you relate to Indonesians from other islands – Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua and many more. Is there a common bond between you all?
There is. Indonesia is one nation as Sumpah Pemuda (The Youth Pledge, 1928) says: one language – Indonesian language; one nation – Indonesian nation; and one native soil – Indonesian native soil.

What’s your view of the legacy of centuries of Dutch rule?
There are good and bad sides to it. The bad: they lied to us, restrained us from the outside world and didn’t give us any space. But besides that, the Dutch educated our nobles. Sukarno freed Indonesia by being educated by the Dutch themselves.

Indonesia has had six presidents since independence in 1945. Which one stands out the most for you, and why?
Sukarno. He battled to get Indonesian independence, which now needs to be defended by us.



  1. jesus says:

    people overseasee indonesia as onee of the most corrupt places in the world…
    such is life..

  2. John O says:

    I am not Dutch, but European, and I see the influence of the Dutch in the culture when visiting Bali. The attitude of tolerance and fair trade is apparent.
    The fact that the majority in Bali are Hindu and practise freely within an Islamic state is a sign of positive political development.
    As for corruption, this is rampant throughout Asia and Bali has this too, but in far lesser degree than some other countries. I live in Asia (not Indonesia) so I know.

  3. robin holman says:

    Hi – it’s wonderful to hear the young people of Bali express their views so openly and with such clarity. I remember when I was in Bali during the 1990’s.At that time everyone was scared to voice their opinions on social-political issues. At least that fear appears to have diminished now.Great!

  4. temporas says:

    I was in Indonesia recently. I found it a very dirty place. Why are you treating your natural gems so badly? Plastic and other garbage doesn’t belong in rivers or the sea or any other place except for garbage bins. Also household hygiene could be improved. Having a cleaner Indonesia would serve many purposes, including rabies fighting. Regards.

  5. richard says:

    Indonesian is one the process to find their ownself in democratics life. All country in the world had their own problems itself.

    See on the Europe’s at the past so do with US at the past.

    Actually, all country is on the way to find their best way to be better in life.

  6. balitraveler says:

    I haven’t got any clue that Israelis is attacked Indonesia? I must be sleeping far too long!

    and how overseas see Indonesia? manipulative and it’s a fact!

  7. bruce west says:

    Corruption is historic and will never be defeated. We just need to speak out and be vigilant. Bali is on the right path, in my humble opinion.