Forecasts for week beginning December 18, 2010.

Forecasts for week beginning December 18, 2010.

By Jonathan Cainer

This week’s big event is the lunar eclipse on the solstice. The solstice always symbolises a turning point. It marks the point in the year where the Sun seemingly changes direction in its journey along the horizon. In different years, though, we get different indications of what, or who, may be about to turn. This eclipse speaks of doubt followed by certainty, fear replaced by hope. It seems as if, lately, individuals and nations around the world, have been reacting to anxieties and insecurities rather than planning positively for the future. But that may all be about to change.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)
Everyone’s got a sob story. Even the people who seek to be sources of hope have a secret cause for complaint. But then, everyone’s got a cause for celebration too. Everyone. Even those who seem to be leading lives that are little short of a living hell have their sources of compensation and their reasons to feel, at least, a little cheerful. Be careful with your compassion this Christmas. Watch too, for your desire to make everything okay for everyone. Be generous and warm-hearted by all means, but remember that some people take genuine pleasure in feeling hard done by. It might be very cruel to deprive them of this!

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)
I won’t tell if you don’t. Your secret is safe. What secret? My, you are covering your tracks well. You nearly had me fooled for a moment. You and I both know, though, that there are pieces of sensitive information that must now be handled very discreetly. We also know, don’t we, the importance of tact, diplomacy, and subtlety. It’s not what you say; it’s the way that you say it that matters more than anything else this Christmas. Unless, that is, someone is talking to you. In which case, you need to go way beyond the words if you want to hear what they truly mean. Be delicately sensitive when speaking, not when listening!

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)
There’s more than one answer to the question that’s now uppermost in your mind. That’s why you’re in a state of some confusion. Better that, though, than to be in a state of delusion! You’ve got more information to gather. You may think you can already see which way the wind is blowing, but if you hoist a sail and try to push your boat out, you’ll end up travelling in circles. Sadly, we live in a world where indecision incurs disapproval. Resist pressure to reach a premature conclusion this Christmas. You need to get a delicate decision absolutely right. Only then can you move in a straight line, all the way to success.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)
According to WikiLeaks, the US government still gives a lot of attention to aliens and UFOs. Especially given that they don’t exist. Er… do they? Those who think they do, say there are, now, more spaceships passing this way than ever. Low interest rates are attracting little bug-eyed green guys to beam down, fill out loan forms and stop briefly on their way home, to abduct souvenir humans. A solstice eclipse makes (almost) anything possible for you between now and Christmas. Not, perhaps, a lottery win. Or a ride on a spaceship. But a happier festive season than you’d previously dared believe in? Most definitely!

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)
They say, “If you want something doing, ask a busy person.” People in the habit of doing many things can usually squeeze in an additional task. As long as it isn’t the last straw that breaks the camel’s back, they’ll just add it to their long list. People who aren’t so active, though, tend to feel daunted by the smallest workload. Ironically, these are the folk who really need to be given most to do. What have you got on your plate now? How much of it, really, should be someone else’s job? Don’t, this Christmas, just “take care” of something because it’s probably easiest. Do only what only you should do.

GEMINI (May 22 – June 22)
Will you wake one morning to discover that the bluebird of happiness has taken up residence on your shoulder? If so, you may soon tire of it chirruping endlessly in your ear. “Silly bluebird. Why can’t it just shut-up? How is anyone supposed to experience serenity with all that noise?” We are human beings. We may not have been born to suffer, but there’s only so much joy any of us can take. We need those ups and downs or our lives start to feel far too flat. A lunar eclipse in your sign suggests you should be glad of a forthcoming “seasonal drama” and glad too, of the solution to it, which should also turn up soon.

CANCER (June 23 – July 23)
The more you think about a seemingly simple matter, the more complicated it seems to get. Hidden layers of meaning keep revealing themselves. You are not sure you like all you are starting to discover and understand. Don’t worry too much. You are going through a process. You are undertaking a journey. You can’t judge the destination on the basis of passing scenery. A lunar eclipse in your sign, just before the solstice is your invitation to be bold. There are secrets you need to unearth and issues you need to understand. This Christmas, the way to find out what you need to know is by asking.

LEO (July 24 – August 23)
A lunar eclipse on the solstice symbolises you finding yourself in a position of power at a time when it seems as if you are most hopeless, helpless or stuck. That’s surely a reason to celebrate. Somehow, though, you are conscious of a drawback or difficulty. You can really only think about what doesn’t seem to be working as it should. Snap out of that, lest you squander your precious astrological opportunity by attempting to cure a problem that is ultimately best left to fix itself. Think instead about the outrageous magic you’d like to work, if only you had a real wand to wave. You may yet discover you have one!

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23)
Shall we discuss your difficulties? Shall we talk about the irritating, aggravating, impossible problems you are now trying so hard to solve? Tell you what, it’s nearly the holiday season! Let’s not bother! Let’s just ignore them and see if they go away. Isn’t that irresponsible? Not as irresponsible as it is to waste precious time and energy worrying about an irrelevance. You don’t deserve the obstacle that you are now up against and, interestingly, the moment you decide that you are not going to be beaten by it will be the moment that it loses its power. There is a big, exciting, positive change coming up.

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)
You have a plan. The rest of us had better watch out. You don’t normally bother with strategies. You don’t need them. Experience has taught you that if you just allow half a good idea to emerge in the back of your mind, and then explore it instinctively, things will naturally tend to fall into place. When you do make your mind up to follow a very definite, specific sequence, you get one of two results. Immense frustration – or supreme success. The latter awaits you now. As long as you are prepared to persevere, you can’t fail. It may, though, take a little longer than the holiday season for this all to come to fruition.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)
It’s not that a certain someone is trying, deliberately, to rile and upset you. Really, it isn’t. You are not the victim of a concerted campaign by someone who can think of nothing more amusing to do than wind you up. At the essence of a silly situation is stupidity not malice. So be tolerant and forgiving. Recognise the level of ignorance that now exists within a certain situation – or within a particular person’s mind. And then… be big. Walk away from conflict. Walk towards conciliation. After all it’s Christmas! So for the sake of the greater good (and your own peace of mind), focus on building bridges and healing wounds.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)
Is it going to get worse or better? Neither. It is simply going to get more intense. That’s fine if you enjoy intensity and not so fine if you prefer superficiality. It’s a good job, then, that you have such an appetite for passion, drama, complication and psychological challenge. You do, you know. There is no point in pretending otherwise. You may say you like a simple, easy, life – and you may mean it too. That’s like a person enjoying a great dessert after a wonderful meal. They wouldn’t feel quite the same way about it, if it were the only dish on the menu. You will emerge from the powerful Christmas eclipse wiser and stronger.

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