Forecasts for week beginning Saturday April, 2015.

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday April, 2015.

By Jonathan Cainer

Venus and Mercury both change signs soon, as Pluto prepares to commence a retrograde phase which continues till late September. These first two developments symbolise nothing more than the regular process of ongoing celestial evolution and imply no great harm to anyone. Nor can Pluto’s new direction be considered an inauspicious omen, for it too, is a regular, seasonal, occurrence that suggests a general decrease in international (and interpersonal) tension. Nothing in life stays the same for long but movement doesn’t automatically signify trouble. We will all, this week, find it easier than we expect to adapt to change.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)
What are you supposed to do when you get an idea? Believe in it? Question it? Act on it? Argue with it? Change it? Where do all our ideas come from? Do they even all come from the same place? Neptune and Jupiter, this week, bring you new ways to look at familiar issues and situations. Be open-minded enough to see each one in a positive light. But don’t forget your critical faculties. Some ideas are like rough diamonds, they need to be refined and polished before they before they become of genuine value.

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)
You can do it! It can work! Success, this week, can bring with it the glow of great satisfaction into your world. Although, well, there is something I should add. But then, every upside has a downside and, as a Taurean, you are realistic enough to appreciate that. And actually, the downside isn’t really so bad. It is certainly nothing to worry about. It is just that, while the planetary alignments are treating you so favourably, you ought to be choosy. Don’t just do whatever seems easiest. Go for what feels most right.

GEMINI (May 22 – June 22)
Before smart phones and tablets, kids played with plastic puzzles. You would have a grid of maybe sixteen tiles but one would be missing and they would all be jumbled up. You would have to shuffle them around to make a picture or a sequence. It took much effort. And even if you did the task well, you were still left with an incomplete picture. Saturn suggests your life, this week, may resemble that game. You can and will solve a lot of problems. That won’t make everything perfect but it will still count as progress.

CANCER (June 23 – July 23)
Some of us are tough on the outside, and soft on the inside. Others freely display their vulnerability but this disguises a strong inner core of self-protection. And Cancerians, well, they baffle everyone, even themselves! You are not sure how to ‘play’ a particular situation this week because you don’t know how you really feel about it and thus what you really want from it. To avoid going round in circles, you have got to set yourself a goal. That in turn requires you to distinguish a desire from a fear – and to be decisive.

LEO (July 24 – August 23)
Jupiter’s change of direction implies a need this week for you to sit back and take stock. How frustrating! You don’t want to turn all theoretical. You want to crack on with a plan and finish what you have started. But what if your ambition is much simpler to fulfil than you know, and you are investing unnecessary time and energy – thus diverting precious resources from other vital needs? Don’t underestimate the idea that your life could soon become easier and more rewarding without you trying so hard.

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23)
Do judges doubt themselves? Defendants are encouraged not to think this way. These people of power must surely know what they are doing and thinking at all times. And how about priests? Or Prime Ministers? What kind of a world would we be living in if all the high offices were occupied by doubters and ditherers? People tend to expect great wisdom and decisiveness from you, too. Yet this week, you are questioning your own insight and that is actually wisdom of the highest kind. It will bring a brilliant breakthrough.

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)
You can’t live someone else’s life for them. You can’t force them to learn the lessons that seem so obvious to you, no matter how sure you may feel that this would help them greatly. Whether you want them to see things from a different point of view because you care about them – or simply because their current stance is proving so inconvenient to you – you must be patient. And others, this week, must show you similar respect. Wherever there is pressure, there is a way to reduce this – and that’s what you should seek.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)
Pluto, later this week, begins its annual retrograde phase. Not that you would know from watching it. It moves very slowly and it is so small that even the New Horizon space probe struggles to keep track of it. How appropriate for the ruler of your sign to be elusive and mysterious. Don’t those very qualities most distinguish the workings of your heart? Why do you feel what you feel? Why do you do what you do? Often, you don’t really know. But soon you get valuable insights which lead to practical benefits.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)
Time is of the essence so we had best get this forecast over with fast. You have got so much to do, and if that were your only problem you might see yourself as lucky. You are under emotional and financial pressure too. Happily, you enjoy rising to a challenge. Well, you do, don’t you? Or, at least, you do as long as you feel that you are in with a chance of success. Lately, you have begun to fear that the odds are against you. But then, that’s the thing about odds. They are odd! Soon, things will start to seem a lot more even.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)
If we didn’t have hearts, we would lead much easier lives. Our emotions wouldn’t colour our judgements. Instead of making sacrifices, we could take bold, unfettered steps towards self-advancement. Just imagine how many compromises you could avoid this week, if only you didn’t care quite so much about someone or something. But then, where would be the meaning, the fulfilment, the magic that only comes from compassionate interaction? You are being soft now but are you too soft? Surely, better that than too hard.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)
We talk to each other so often, yet how much do we ever truly say? There are pieces of information now that you aren’t quite communicating to others who surely have a right to know what you know. And whilst you may have good reason to be economical with the truth, it may just be that someone else instinctively senses this and is, in turn, failing to tell you all that it might be so very helpful to hear. It is time, this week, to stop engaging in a diplomatic dance and bravely embark on a more candid exchange.

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)
What if you were to win the lottery this week? Now, hold on, I didn’t say ‘you will’ but ‘what if?’ What could all that money buy you? And where might it make not the slightest bit of difference to? Venus now urges you to look beyond what is expensive and to acknowledge what is truly priceless. This will tell you much about where you are already far better off than you know – and this, in turn, will help you recognise opportunities that can only improve your material outlook, albeit less dramatically than a set of lucky numbers.

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