Forecasts for week beginning Saturday, May 18, 2013.

Forecasts for week beginning Saturday, May 18, 2013.

By Jonathan Ciner

Do you remember how I told you, some while ago, about a series of seven alignments, due to take place between 2012 and 2015. I explained that they were all connected, that they all involved repeats of a right angle between Uranus and Pluto that only happens once every 60 years or so. I compared this to the chiming of a bell, urging the world to wake up to new ideas and possibilities that force us all to rethink what life is all about! I’m delighted to confirm that the third of these cosmic chimes will ring out on Monday!

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)
You are reaching for something distant. You doubt that it is possible to attain yet you cannot resist trying. You keep telling yourself that there must be an easier or more sensible way to proceed. Yet it is as if your heart is being pulled by some powerful, invisible magnet. If that is really the case, the distance is going to shrink, naturally, over time provided you don’t resist too determinedly. There may be no magic wand you can wave but there’s certainly an improvement you can set in motion. And soon… you will see your chance.

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)
There are some things you just can’t control. It is as if they have a life of their own. When you encounter such a force, you can either respect it or resent it. What you can’t do is change it. Or, at least, not in a hurry. You know that you should never say never. You also know that what most people call ‘impossible,’ is much more aptly described as ‘very difficult’. So in the long run, who knows what you may be able to do about the situation you now face. For now, though, if you value your sanity, you will accept as much as you can!

GEMINI (May 22 – June 22)
Nature abhors a vacuum. If, therefore, you want to bring something into your life, all you have to do is create a space for it. The trouble is, we don’t like spaces. Gaps unnerve us. Absences put us on edge. We don’t like awkward silences in conversation. We dislike rooms that don’t have enough furniture. So we swing towards the other extreme. We cram in too much and end up appreciating nothing. This week allows you to create just the right amount of space in your life. Don’t fear the unanswered question.

CANCER (June 23 – July 23)
It is never easy to let go. Even when we are tired of something – even when we have had enough of it, rather than move to some new inspiring topic we continue to think about whatever has hurt or upset us. It is as if we fear the loss of something familiar. We feel we ought to remain in control of everything – at all times – even if this obliges us to remain in a state of suffering. There is now something you know you need to put behind you. Don’t be afraid to kiss it goodbye this week. I promise, you will never miss it.

LEO (July 24 – August 23)
Strong leaders make many enemies and admirers during their years in power. But they don’t care. They believe passionately in their policies. All strong characters attract criticism. You now need to demonstrate your commitment to a particular principle. You can’t expect this to make you universally popular. But nor should you be ashamed of what now means so much to you. This week brings the chance to make a big leap of faith. Never mind what others think, follow what you feel and keep your nerve.

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23)
Appearances can be deceptive. But then, so can disappearances! Often, we think something has gone forever from our lives only to discover that it has been in hiding. That may be a cause for celebration or a reason for great concern. Not all absences are undesirable. But then, not all presences are pleasing! This week puts you back in touch with some old friends. It presents you with the chance to choose whether you fully want to renew a connection, or sever it. Don’t be fooled by how things seem. You CAN choose.

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)
They say, ‘There’s no rest for the wicked.’ The good don’t exactly get to put their feet up, either. Indeed, they often have to expend a lot more energy. They can’t, for example, go around taking lots of naughty shortcuts. There are many ways now in which, if you were a lesser person, you could cheat your way out of a stressful situation. You could say whatever might get you off the hook or do whatever would be most convenient. But you’re going to be noble. And ultimately, that’s going to bring you more peace.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)
There is no great complicated formula. It is not as if you have to study for years to get the information or to reach an understanding. The issues we’re up against now require the application of nothing more (or less) than a little common sense. A lot of people are doing a lot of talking. A lot of opinions are being aired. In your heart, though, you can see a simple solution, a way to cut through all the confusion and get right to the essence of what’s gone wrong and how this can be fixed. Trust this emerging understanding.

SAGITTARIUS  (November 23 – December 21)
What do we see when we look in the mirror? We see ourselves looking in the mirror! Usually, we smile back at ourselves. Even if we frown, we do it in a friendly way. If we really want to know how we come across to others, we need to watch ourselves when we are not looking. That’s tricky, even in this modern age of closed-circuit TV cameras. Yet the behaviour patterns we are all but unconscious of are only too obvious to those in our vicinity. This week, you get a valuable glimpse of something that you sorely need to see.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)
The old TV shows have a certain charm. Bilko, Bewitched, Lucy… they just don’t make them like that any more. Times, though, have to change. No matter how good something may be, it must move on. We can revisit the past and appreciate how wonderful it was, but we must also find a way to relish the present. Right now, you are finding it more comfortable to reflect than to dwell on what lies directly before you. Overcome your fear, concern or disapproval. Learn to love what’s happening. This is your moment… your chance!

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)
You may not be feeling exceptionally ecstatic. It is, indeed, quite possible that a mood of intense aggravation has begun to descend upon you. This won’t be helped by continual exposure to astrological forecasts explaining that great, joyous, life-changing developments are happening as we speak. It probably seems to you as if a key situation is messy, and getting messier. Give it a little longer. The true picture is much more inspiring, and it will soon make itself very clear. Meanwhile, be philosophical about a little mess!

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)
‘This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.’ That’s what sadistic schoolteachers used to say before launching themselves into an act that today, would be considered despicable child abuse. Their statement, though, may not have been quite as hypocritical as it sounded. Whenever we knowingly cause pain to others, no matter how justified we believe our actions to be, we inflict far more damage on ourselves. This week brings you a choice. You can be ‘right’ or you can be ‘big’. Be big. Be sympathetic. Be kind.

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